Poetica Muisca

News and Reviews

"For Poetica Musica, Old Westbury ballroom adds inspiration"

The New York Times praised Poetica Musica for exporting

chamber music and good will around the globe.

Washington Post

"In the Love Songs, Opus 83, Valkenburg brought a warm and earthy quality to this material. The opening number displayed her lustrous tone…"

Charles McCardell


"Exemplary performance"

Phillip Kennecott

Limburger Dagblad

"The most beautiful playing in this church in three hundred years"

Jan Dieren

Journal News

"Uplifting performance"

Frances Bracaleone

Community Newspapers

Artistically, the evening was as firmly grounded as the Rock of Gibraltar"

The Northport Observer

"Poetica Musica accomplished a neat trick of turning an evening of vocal chamber music into an engaging and popular affair"

George Wallace

The Woodstock Times

"Valkenburg has a compact, well-controlled voice which she uses with touching and restrained expression. The songs were beautiful."

Leslie Gerber

US Ambassador, Czech Republic

"We and the rest of the audience enjoyed your enthusiastic performances of Czech and American music enormously"

John Shattuck

State Castle Lysice

"I loved your beautiful concert. It was one of the best concerts at our castle"

Martine Rudofova

US Ambassador, Slovenia

"Perhaps even more important than my accolades are those of my guests…..paying tribute to your elegant, humorous and very entertaining program."

Nancy Ely-Raphel

Nassau County Museum of Art

"Poetica Musica's performers are always superb"

Monica Reischmann

Baroque Theater Foundation of Cesky Krumlov Chateau

"We are proud that we can cooperate with such an outstanding ensemble"

Jiry Kipry, Secretary

La Presse Du Tunis

"Poetica Musica can be better defined by emtoions. Each musician has his own individual styhle--their interpretation emanates from somewhere deep!"Eleanor Valkenburg, with her beautiful soprano voice beseeches, sighs, glorifies, triumphs, defies, exults, always committed to depicting the fulness of life...of the Brazilian soul... Thanks to her, the music became a messenger of humanism.!!!"

Mounira Aouadi

Kingston Gleaner

"I think the performance was a wonderful one, as you can judge from the reaction of the audience that they were enthralled by what took place"

Northern Caribbean University

Mandeville, Jamaica